Video Clips

Reunion 2019

2018 Family Picnic

Reunion 2015-6

Reunion 2015-7

Reunion 2015-8

Reunion 2015-5

Reunion 2015-4

Reunion 2015-1

Reunion 2015-3

Reunion 2013-1

Reunion 2013-2

Reunion 2013-3

Reunion 2013-4

“2011 Family Boat Ride”

Gun toting granny

Banquet Pt.1

Banquet Pt.2

History Lesson

The Band Pt.1

The Band Pt.2

“Santa Cruz Place holder pt1”

“Santa Cruz Place holder pt2”

“Our family field trip to San Fran to visit the Golden Gate Bridge.”

“Picnic Place holder pt1”

“Picnic Place holder pt2

“During the family worship service our children put on a beautiful

and spirit filled performance that brought the audience to tears.”

“Shantelle Conner aka (Ms. Dime P.) surprised the crowed with a

Hip-Hop performance that took 1at place at the family talent show”

“This performance during our 70’s party is beyond description, so I

suggest you gather your friends and family around the computer

and get ready to be entertained”

1992 Reunion “Little Rock”

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