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hello Family,

I would like to send out a special thanks to our newfound family members from Detroit and Chicago.  Through our genealogy research the Hancock family was included on our family tree, but we didn’t have any names, faces or stories of how we were connected.   Ed saw this information on the site and reached out to me.   On short notice Ed and his family made the 12-hour drive from Chicago to Little Rock.  Ed came with stories passed down to him and shared how his family along with other African Americans were forced leave their homes in Perry County.  Ed’s family relocated to Morrilton Arkansas. The home that his Great Grandparents owned in the 1800’s is still standing and occupied by a cousin.  It was important for Ed to come this year to meet his extended Arkansas Family, because he will soon be moving to Ghana in Africa.   I hope to learn and exchange family stories and history as much as possible.

Special Thanks to Ed Hancock of Detroit

William ‘Chip’ Watts, Ed (Idais Nia) Hancock, Elijah Akeem watts, Patricia Peters.

Long lost 1992 Family Reunion Video

While looking through some old video I came across what I believe is from 1992. It’s like going back in time. The clothes, hair styles, music and dances are something to see. It was recorded on a  old school VHS camera, so the quality is not very good. But on a sad notes there are quite a few family members that are no longer with us in the video.

Please help: If anyone has a t-shirt from this reunion, please give me a call or email me at I would like to get a good picture for the web site. Any photos would be helpful also.

2015 Reunion Photos Now Available!


I’m happy to announce that our 2015 family reunion pictures are now available at We have made upgrades that improve the look and feel of the photo album. It is much easier to navigate and now has a slide show feature. You can click play, sit back and watch. If you have any pictures or video that you would like to include in the collection, please let me know. Enjoy!


I will begin editing the video footage soon.

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New Genealogy Find!


Hi Family

I’m excited to announce that I have recently obtained a copy of the Brown Family Tree that was researched by Floyd Montgomery of Indiana. His work has been scanned in to a PDF and has been made available for download. His work is very important because this branch of the tree was not well known to many of us. I will do my best to verify the information and merge it with the family tree that I have pervious complied. At the completion of the process a complete version will be made available has soon as possible.

Please see the Genealogy tab for more information.


Special thanks to James Robinson of Chicago.


It’s that time again!

Greetings Brown Family Members,

Happy New Year!!  We sincerely hope that you have received your save the date card for our 2015 Family Reunion.  We are so excited to be the host for our next reunion.  The dates are July 2-5, 2015.   We have had some great times over this years and this one will be nothing shorter than another great time with family and friends. I’m sure that we have had many new accomplishments and new family members since our last time together.  We have selected the theme of “Reaching Family Where They Are”

Our weekend will be filled with fun, laughter and as always good food and good fellowship.  We wanted to provide you with some key details to help you in your planning process.  We wanted to make everything as affordable as possible.

Please see 2015 Event tab for more info: