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New photo uploaded

Hope everyone had a great time this weekend. I know I did. All the Photo that I have were upload on July 6th. If you have more photos that you would like to add,  please send them to I have also made several updates and additions to the family tree. I will update the genealogy page very soon.  I will also edit and upload video clips taken over the weekend soon.

I would like to thank Pat and her family for all their hard work and hosting a great reunion weekend. God bless.

Family Tree. pdf

We have just added a copy of our family tree with about 389 members. It can be downloaded from the genealogy page of our web site. It starts with our oldest known relative Joseph Brown born 1827 in North Carolina.

It is a work in progress, so feel free to contact me for any additions or corrections. I would love to hear from you. God Bless.



I loved it because I could feel the energy and happiness of all the people. I met friendly people from all over the country. Just the idea of being one of two million people together in fellowship for one single cause. The crown I was with was having a great time and were a lot of fun to be with. The only part I disagreed with was the booing of George Bush when he was introduced. Regardless of how we feel about him, you still have to respect him as our president. I was deeply disappointment in the reaction of some of the people on the bus who spent more info

the entire trip back home complaining about the cold and the inauguration in general because they were not able to get close enough to see the swearing in first hand. It felt they missed the whole point and spirit of the trip. It was a time of celebration and reflection. Whether you were able to get close enough to see the swearing in or not, you should take the time to meet some of the people around you and make some new connection with people who feel the same as you or they wouldn’t be there. Check out the pictures I took under the Photo Album tab.

“Yes, We Did.”


Can you believe it! Like us, I’m sure everyone was glued to the TV watching the election results hoping nothing went wrong like 2000. Barack Hussein Obama the first African American President of the United States of America. We should all feel so proud of our country and we have done. And to have a future first family like Michelle Obama and there children is a dream come true. It will be a welcome change to have a president that the whole world loves. I hope to see all of you on January 20, 2009 when Obama takes the oath of office in Washington D.C. The dream is still alive. for your enjoyment I have posted election picture under the Photo Album tab.

Hello Brown family!

With well over 600 Family members it’s hard to keep in touch. With our new Web-site we will be able to stay informed and stay in touch with family members all around the country. Our success depends on you. We need your pictures, family updates, Prayer List etc. We are in the beginning stages of the site. You can send us e-mails at Some of the items featured on the web-site will included:

  • Family Genealogy
  • Upcoming Events
  • Special Occasions
  • Photos
  • Reunion Updates
  • Family Contact Info
  • Online Registration for the next reunion